Yamato CA801 冷却トラップ (4L, 350W)

Method: Direct trap or Glass trap (optional)

Dehumidifying capacity: Max. 1.0kg(Water type liquid)

Max. low temperature: -85℃

Refrigerator: Air cooling,  350W

Refrigerant: R600a

Cooling coil: Installed at tank periphery

Lid: SUS304, with nozzle (OD ø17.6mm)

Bath shape/material: Cylindrical/SUS304

Ambient temp. range: 5 to 35℃

Temperature display: 7 segment LED

Temperature sensor: Platinum resistance temperature detector Pt100Ω

Defrosting mechanism:  Hot bypass system

Safety device: Electric leakage breaker with over current protection, Refrigeration overload relay

Sink dimensions: I.D.153×H235mm

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): W405×D500×H850mm

Remarks(dimensions): Internal capacity : Approx. 4L (Liquid 3L)

Power Source: AC115V/AC220V Single phase with step-down transformer

Weight: 65kg

Accessories: 4 holders for fixing casters



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