Yamato DKN812 プログラム可能な強制対流オーブン (300L, 1.2kW×2)

Operating temperature range: RT+10°C to 210°C

Temp. control accuracy: ±1°C (at 210°C) JTM K05

Temp. distribution accuracy: ±2.5°C (at 210°C) JTM K05

Heater: Stainless pipe heater 1.2kW×2

Fan type / Motor: Scirocco fan / Condenser type motor 1pc.

Cable port: 30 mm l.D.×1 pc. (Right side)

Exhaust port: 30mm I.D.×2 (the back)

Temp. controller: SSR control

Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 600×500×1000mm

External dimensions (W×D×H): 710×651×1608mm

Withstand load of shelf: 15 kg / pc.

Internal capacity: 300L

Power supply: 220V12A

Weight: 110kg

Shelf plate: Stainless steel, 1pc



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