Yamato DT300H コンパクトクリーンオーブン (27L, 1.2kW)

Circulation method: Forced air circulation

Operating temperature range: RT+20°C to 300°C

Temp. control accuracy: ±0.3°C (at 100°C, 200°C, 300°C) JTM K05

Temp. distribution accuracy: ±1.5°C (at 100°C), ±2.5°C(at 200°C), ±3.0°C (at 300°C) JTM K05

Max. temp. reaching time: Approx. 150 min

Clean level: Class 100

Interior material: Stainless steel 

Temp. control system: PID control with a micro processor

Heater: Stainless pipe heater 1.2kW

Heat insulating material: Glass wool

Internal dimensions (W×D×H): 300×300×300mm

External dimensions (W×D×H): 500×720×840mm

Internal capacity: 27 L

Power supply: AC220V 6A Single-phase with step-down transformer

Weight: 86kg

Stainless wire shelf / bracket: 2 pcs / 4 pcs



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