Yamato INC820 低温恒温器/恒温器 (150L + 143L)

System (Upper Chamber): Natural convection, Air jacket

Operating Temp. Range(Upper Chamber): Room temp.+5℃~80℃

Temp. Adjustment Accuracy (Upper Chamber): ±0.5℃(at 37℃)

Temp. Distribution Accuracy (Upper Chamber): ±1.0℃(at 37℃)

Cable Port (Upper Chamber): 30mm ID (Right side from the front)

Exhaust Port (Upper Chamber): 30mm(with Damper), 2 ports on the top

Internal Dimensions (Upper Chamber): 600×530×500mm

Internal Capacity (Upper Chamber): 150L

System (Lower Chmber): Forced convection

Operating Temp. Range(Lower Chamber): +4℃~50℃

Temp. Adjustment Accuracy (Lower Chamber): ±0.3℃(at continuous refrigeration)

Temp. Distribution Accuracy (Lower Chamber): ±1.0℃(at continuous refrigeration)

Refrigerator (Lower Chamber): Air cooling, 250W

Refrigerant (Lower Chamber): R404A

Interior (Lower Chamber): 600×477×500mm

Internal Capacity: 143L

Sensor: Pt100Ω

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 710×656×1792mm

Remarks(dimensions): 150L (Upper chamber ) + 143L (Lower chamber)

Power Source: AC220V 7A Single-phase with step-down transformer

Weight: 160kg



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