Yamato INE800 低温恒温器 (286L, 200W)

System: Forced air convection

Operating Temperature Range: 0~+60℃

SettingTemperature Range: -5~+65℃

Temperature Adjustment Accuracy: ±0.2℃(at 37℃ during continuous operation), ±0.5℃(at 37℃ cycle operation)

Temperature Fluctuation: 0.6℃(at 37℃ during continuous operation), 2.0℃(at 37℃ cycle operation)

Temperature Distribution Accuracy: ±0.5℃(at 37℃ during continuous operation)

Max. Temperature Reaching Time: 20~60℃ approx. 35min.

Lowest Temperature Reaching Time: 20~0℃ approx. 50min.

Cooling Mechanism: Continuous operation, Cycle operation, Cooling-stop operation

Refrigerator: 200W Rotary Unit

Refrigerator Medium: R134a

Operation Range of Freezer: Below 40℃

Defrosting Mechanism: Hot gas bypass method, Manual(random) defrost/Auto (time) defrost

Sensor: Double sensor:Pt. resistance temperature detector, Pt100Ω(Temperature controller), K-thermocouple(Overheat prevention device)

Cable Port: 50mm ID (Right side from the front)

Temperature Control: PID conrtol

Shelf/Support: Stainless steel punching metal 5 shelves/10 supports

Door Key: 2 pcs.

Silicon Stopper for Cable Hole: 1 pc.

Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm): 600×477×1000mm

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 710×645×1730mm

Remarks(dimensions): 286L

Power Source: AC220V 5A Single-phase with step down transformer

Weight: 135kg



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