Yamato PM100 小型プラズマ装置 (30~300 mL/min)

Plasma source: Low frequency high voltage power supply 

Gas Flowmeter: Oxygen gas, flow rate 30 - 300 mL/min 

Reaction chamber: I.D 100mm×L160mm 

Exterior dimensions/Weight: W310mm×D300mm×H448mm/Approx. 16kg 

Power (50/60Hz): AC115V/220V Single phase with step-down transformer 

Vacuum pump connection port: O.D 15mm with hose fitting (Recommended pump exhaust speed 30L/ min) 

Gas connection port: O.D 6.35mm with hose fitting



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  • オリジナル保証
  • 宅配便
  • 買い取り簡単化