Yamato WGH201 蒸留高純水製造装置オートスチル (1.5L/h)

Water quality of distilled water: Normal water: JIS K 0557 A4 After manual refreshing: ASTM D1193 Type1

Water quality of deionized water: JIS K0557 A4

Collection of of distilled water: Pretreatment Cartridge ⇒ Ion Exchange ⇒ Distillation ⇒ Tank ⇒ Ion Exchange ⇒ High Purity Cartridge ⇒ Filtration, Automatic Circulation (Can also be Manual Circulation)

Collection of deionized water: Pretreatment cartridge ⇒ Ion exchange ⇒ Filtration

Water quality performance (comparison resistance value): Distilled high-purity water: 18 MΩ · cm or more, Deionized water: approx. 18 MΩ · cm, Distilled water: approx. 1.0 MΩ · cm

Production volume of distilled water: Approx. 1.5L/h

Pure water collected and Sampling volume: Distilled high-purity water : Approx. 0.9 L/min, Deionized water: approx. 1.0 L/min

Setting range of water sampling capacity: 0.1 ~ 26L Quantitative water samping/continuous water sampling

Drainage: Left/Right connection method/Hose connection

Pretreatment cartridge: 0.1μm diameter hollow fiber + Activated carbon

Ion-exchange resin cartridge: Ion-exchange (CPC-S) 4L x 1

Distilled high purity water cartridge: CPC-S 4L、CPC-H 3L x 1

Final filtration: 0.1 μm membrane filter

Distilled water storage tank capacity: 30L polyethylene tank

Distilled water storage tank sterilization lamp: UV sterilizing lamp for distilled water

Product water intake tray: Drawer type, Load capacity 10 kg

Multipurpose distilled water sampling port: Hose attached with coupler (used as tank water sampling/drainage)

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 600×660×775mm

Power Source: AC115V/AC220V Single phase with step-down transformer

Weight: 75kg

Accessories: Feed/Drain water hose, Pretreatment cartridge, Ion exchange resin cartridge, High purity cartridge , Membrane filter



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