Yamato WL320A 純水製造装置ピュアライン (1L/min)

Type: Benchtop

Purified water: Deionized water : JIS K 0557 A4

Water purifying method: Ion-exchange

Deionized water delivery rate: Approx. 1L/min (Continuously)

Pre-treatment cartridge: 0.1μm hollow fiber+Activated carbon (PWF-1)

Ion-exchange resin cartridge: Ion-exchange cartridge (CPC-N) 3L×2

Leakage detection: Water leakage detector forcefully shuts off feed water solenoid valve when water leakage detected

Ion-exchange water delivery port: Water sampling stand

Raw water pressure range: 0.5 to 5×100kPa (0.5 to 5kgf/cm2)

Water quality display: LED digital display (Conductivity/resistivity)

Other display: Replacement of consumables (Pre-treatment cartridge, Ion-exchange resin, Membrane filter), Alarm indication (Water leakage)

Accessories: Water supply hose, Pre-treatment cartridge, Ion-exchange cartridge CPC-N, Membrane filter, Water sampling stand, Purified water sampling ho

Legs: Rubber legs

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 400×320×600mm

Power Source: AC100 to 240V 0.2A Single-phase

Weight: 30kg

Remarks(weight): Water sampling stand: 5kg



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