Yamato WS221 純水製造装置オートスチル (1.6L/h, 20L)

Water purifying method: Distillation

Purified water: Distilled water

Distilled water production: Approx. 1.6L/h

Distilled water delivery rate: Approx. 2.2L/min. (When the tank is full)

Raw water pressure range: 1 to 3×100kPa (1 to 3kg/cm2)

Safety device: Auto adjustment of cooling water volume, Empty boiling/overheat/splash prevention

Distiller Boiler: Stainless steel

Distiller Condenser: Hard glass

Distiller Pipe heater: Built-in quartz glass outer cover

Distilled water storage tank: 20L polyethylene tank

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 500×400×974mm

Power Source: AC220V 7A Single-phase

Weight: 30kg

Accessories: Supply hose (with connection unit)/drain hose (with hose band), rubber stopper (for washing distiller)



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