Zebra MC3300 ハンディターミナル (Android 10, USB 2.0, WLAN, Bluetooth)


- MC3300x Straight Shooter (45° Scan and 0° Scan): 7.96in. Lx2.94in. Wx1.35in. D

                                                                                     202.2mm Lx74.7mm Wx34.5mm D

- MC3300x Turret/Rotating Head: 8.79in. Lx2.94in. Wx1.35in. D

                                                      223.4mm Lx74.7mm Wx34.5mm D

- MC3300x Gun/Pistol: 7.96in. Lx2.94in. Wx6.45in. D

                                     202.6mm Lx74.7mm Wx163.9mm D


- MC3300x Straight Shooter (0° Scan): 15.7oz./445g

- MC3300x Turret/Rotating Head: 16.2oz./460g

- MC3300x Gun/Pistol: 18.4oz./522g

- MC3300x (45° Scan): 15.9oz./450g

Display: 4-inch (800x480) WVGA; color display

Touch panel: Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel with air gap;

                     Supports dual input mode with finger, gloved finger and stylus (conductive stylus sold separately)

Backlight: LED backlit display

Expansion slot: User accessible MicroSD with 32GB SDHC and up to 512GB SDXC

Network connections: USB 2.0 High Speed OTG (host/client), WLAN and Bluetooth

Notification: Audible tone, multi-color LEDs

Keypad: Numeric (29 key), Function Numeric (38 key), Alpha Numeric (47 key)

Voice: PTT Express and Workforce Connect PTT Pro (Internal speaker, microphone and Bluetooth wireless headset support)

Audio: Built-in speaker and microphone

Buttons: Two programmable side scan keys


- MC3300x Brick/Straight Shooter (0° Scan): SE965 1D, SE4720/SE4770 2D, SE4850 ERI

- MC3300x Turret/Rotating Head: SE965 1D Laser

- MC3300x Gun/Pistol: SE965 1D, SE4720/SE4770 2D, SE4850 ERI

- MC3300x (45° Scan): SE4770 2D

Rear Camera: 13MP color camera with LED flash (optional on Straight Shooter and Turret configurations only)

NFC: Tap to Pair, ISO 14443 Type A and B, Felica and ISO 15693 cards, P2P mode and Card Emulation via Host (HCE) support



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