Zebra PS20 ハンディターミナル (Android 10; scanning 1D, 2D)

Dimensions: 2.95in. Hx8.58in. Lx3.09in. W

                    7.50cm Hx21.80cm Lx7.86cm

Weight: 290g

Display: 4.0 inch capacitive; WVGA; color

Touch panel: Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel with air gap

Interface/Communications: USB 2.0 Client Cable for device maintenance

Voice: Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice support via internal speaker; Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro (optional)

Audio: Speaker; One (1) microphone (Plus configuration)

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz

Operating system: Android 10; upgradeable through A11/ R²

Memory: Base and Plus Configurations: 4GB RAM/16GB Flash

Power: PowerPrecision+ 3500mAh capacity Li Ion rechargable battery

Security: Verified Boot; Secure Boot


- Base model: SE2100 1D/2D imager

- Plus model: SE4710 1D/2D imager + Digimarc support

Light source: 

- Base model: White LED Illumination

- Plus model: Red LED Illumination with LED dot aim pattern

Camera — Front Facing: Plus model only: 5 MP fixed focus



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