Zebra TC8300 ハンディターミナル (Android 10, Bluetooth)

Dimensions: 9.17in. Lx2.99in. Wx2.52in. D

                     233mm Lx76mm Wx64mm D

Weight base: 17.2oz./490g; Package 1: 17.6oz./500g

Display: 800x480 pixels;

             4.0in. diagonal;

             Transflective LCD display;

            16.7 Million (24-bit) color support;

            400 NITs

Touch panel: Multi-touch projected capacitive;

                     Fingertip (bare or gloved) input;

                     Conductive stylus supported (sold separately);

                     Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Power: PowerPrecision+ Lithium ion 7000mAh with hot swap battery backup

Scanning options: SE965: 1D standard range laser scanner

                              SE4750: 1D/2D medium range omnidirectional imager

                              SE4770: 1D/2D standard range omnidirectional imager

                              SE4750 DPM: Direct Part Mark (DPM) imager

                              SE4850: 1D/2D extended range imager

Camera: 13 MP rear facing autofocus, f/2.4 aperture (optional)

NFC: Tap to Pair, ISO 14443 Type A and B, Felica and ISO 15693 cards, P2P mode and Card Emulation via Host (HCE) support (optional)



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