Zebra VH10 ハンディターミナル (Windows® CE 6.0)

Dimensions: 10.87in. Wx9.37in. Hx3.54in. D

                      276mm Lx238mm Wx90mm D

Weight: 8.1lbs./3.66kg (includes integrated UPS battery)

Keyboard options: Integrated full alpha numeric keyboard with 67 keys;

                              QWERTY and AZERTY;

                              12 direct function keys;

                               LED backlight

Power: Internal power supply 12-48V nominal, designed for forklift power;

            standard 5 min super capacitor backup;

            one week real-time clock backup

Display: 8 in. color: 800x480; brightness 640 NITs; LED backlight

Touch-screen: Rugged 5-wire technology; provides high “touch life” for heavy use;

                        passive stylus or finger operation

Interface ports: 2 USB host ports (one on the top, one on the bottom)

                         1 powered USB host port with 12V/1.5A

                         1 3.5 mm audio jack

                         2 full function UART RS-232 with 5V/1000mA for external devices

Audio: High volume 93dBA beeper

          Optional push-to-talk speaker/microphone

CPU: TI OMAP 3, 800 MHz

Operating system: Windows® CE 6.0

Memory: 512MB RAM and 1GB Flash



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