AP&T DJ2802 两风扇顶部离子风机 (8 electrode pins, <33W, 2 fans)

Input voltage: DC24V (RJ45 interface)/ three in one socket (220VAC 50/60Hz)

Input current: <0.15A AC

Output voltage: DC±4.5KV - ±5.5KV

Power: <33W

Ion emission: DC

Emitter electrode: Tungsten alloy

Discharge range: 750x550mm

Discharge speed: ≤2.5s (450mm from the air outlet)

Ion balance: ≤/±15V/

Alarm indication:

Power on/clean operation-blue light flashes

Normal work-green light  (always in moritoring state)

Fan alarm - red light is always on

High voltage abnormally-red light flashes

Blue light flashes during infrared  debugging

Air volume: ≤93CFMx2

Noise: Single air outlet ≤45dbA (1000mm away from the air outlet)

Ozone thickness: ≤0.05ppm (150mm away from the air outlet)

Communication method: RS485

Operating temperature: 0-50℃

Working humidity: <70%RH

Dimensions: 553x154x114mm (LxWxH)

Blower material: aluminium powder spraying

Packing accessories: 1 pair of U-shaped iron powder spraying mounting brackets, 1 pair of bakelite screw handles (M5x8)

Adapter power: 

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC24V 2A (dual RJ45 interface)



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