Aqualabo NC-FIX-C-00249 Transmitter STACSENSE UV254 Op 2 mm 7m ACTEON 5000


-Op.T: 2mm

-SAC254:  0-750  Abs/m 

-CODeq:   0-1300  mg/L 

-BODeq:  0-350  mg/L 

-TOCe:   0-500  mg/L 

Transmitter ACTEON 5000

Software and features

Digital sensor: 2 inputs digital sensor RS485

2 analog input: In mode 0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V

2 relay input: Function of transfer on exit(release) TOR

                      Information of external cleaning system : swing in maintenance mode

2 analog outputs: Choice of 2 parameters programmable according to the connected sensor

                             Programming PID

2 digital outputs /relay: NO/NF customizable

                                     Instruction point: setting of the measuring range

                                     (Hysteresys / activation way) and time of activation,

                                     Command for external cleaning system

                                     Output alarm for defect material sensor

Digital output: Modbus RTU

                       Ethernet TCP IP

Data recording: Internal flash memory

                          Frequency recording: 1-120 mn

                          Recording journal of events, measure sensors.

Atmospheric pressure sensor: To compensate oxygen pression


Display: Backlit graphic LCD touch Screen – Size95x54 mm

Analog outputs: 0/4.00 – 20.00 mA with galvanic isolation

Charge max: 250 W

Relay outputs: 6 A /250 V

Operating conditions: Temperature : -15°C to + 50 °C

                                   Temperature of storage/transport : -15°C to + 50°C

USB port: Unloading of the recorded data

Power/ Electrical protections: 100-240 V AC/DC 50-60 Hz

                                                 - Option 9-28 V DC/DC

                                                 - Electrical protection: consistent EN61010-1 :2010


Dimensions: (LxHxP) 213 x 185 x 84 mm

Material: Grey ABS

Protection rating: IP 65

Front: Antireflective polyester


- 1  ACTEON 5000 Transmitter digital dual sensors 

- 1 STACSENSE Opt path 2 mm with 7m cable




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