CEM KE-132X 除静电棒

Input voltage: DC24V ± 5%

Iron generating way: Corona discharge way

Display: LED

H.V (green): High voltage normal operation indicator light is on

ALARM (red): The indicator light is on when discharge is abnormal and electric circuit is abnormal;

CLEANIKIG (yellow): The indicator is on and the buzzer prompts when reaching the set cleaning time.

Voltage regulation mode/ applied voltage: High frequency AC way/±2200V

Ion balance: Within ±20 V(measuring distance 300mm,supply air pressure 0.3MPa)

Destaticizing time: 2.0S(measuring distance 300mm, supply air pressure 0.3MPa)

Cleaning timer set time: Can be set within 0-999 hours

Ozone generation amount (ppm): Within 0.03pp m(measuring distance 50mm,supply air pressure 0.2MPa )

Applicable fluid: Air(cleaning air of which the water and oil has been removed)

Air pressure application range(MPa): 0.01-0.5MPa

Use ambient temperature Indoor: 0~40°C CM0T

Use ambient humidity: 15~75%Rh (no condensation)

Overall length A (mm): 1373

Installationinterval B (mm): 1286

Installation interval C (mm): 1351.2

Installation interval D (mm): 1358.8

Static elimination (mm): 1320

Electrode spacing F (mm): 1140



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