DaiHan OVS-S05-磁性搅拌器 (3,000rpm; 100L)

Stirring Capacity (H20):  Max. 100 Lit

Maximum Viscosity/Torque: 50,000 mPas/200 Ncm

Speed Range & Motor: 200~3,000rpm, Hi-Capacity Brushless DC-motor,2:1

Motor Rating(Input/Output): 200/180 W

Controller: Digital PID Control 

Safety Device: Over Heat & Current Protector for Motor

Chuck Grip Capa. Φmm: dia Φ 3~10mm Shafts, Flex-Coupling(Φ 6~12mm)

"Push-Through" Shafts: dia Φ10mm or Less

Stirring Bar: 8ea 3cm bar-included, Usable: up to 3cm bar

Permissible Temp. & Humidity: 0~40°C, 80%

Material: Aluminum Die Casting

Dimension (w x d x h): 84 x 205 x 275 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Power Consumption: 250W

Electrical Reqts: 1 Phase, AC 230 V, 50/60Hz

"OVS-S05" Set : Complete with :("OVS-S05 Stirrer Unit, "S723" Stainless-steel Impeller(Rod Φ8 xL650mm, 3-Blade Φ80mm),  "CL200" Clamp, and "KA1177" Safety Stand(Rod Φ23 x L800mm, Base w34 x d29cm)



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