DOLANG DLWD-DJB02 Motor Transformer Maintenance and testing training system

Technical Parameter

● Total dimension : 1950×700×1500mm

● Input power : three-phase,five-wire 380V±10%   50Hz/60Hz

● Output power : leakage protection(action current≤ 30mA), overcurrent protection,fuse protection, AC220V safety terminal isolation output, AC24V safety terminals isolation output,DC220V safety terminals isolation output 

● Capacity : < 1.5KVA




●DLWD-DJB02 Motor Transformer Maintenance and Test Training System is the traning platform for remove,rewind,assembling,test,data analysis and other skills training of single-phase transformers,single-phase capacitor induction motor,three-phase squirrel cage induction motor and separately excited DC motor etc.

● The equipment is equipped with three-phase AC adjustable power supply, DC power supply, DC measurement instrument, AC measurment instrument & digital multi-function wattmeter,Motor power supply and test instrument. Beside the above instruments, there are motor inserting tools, Manual digital winding counter.

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