DOLANG DLWD-ETBE-G03 Electrical Maintenance Skill Training Cabinet

■ Technical Parameter

● Total dimension: 800×600×1800mm

● Input power: three-phase, five-wire AC 380V±10%  50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: AC 380V safety terminal output,output power indicator,AC 220V safety socket output

● Pointer instrument parameter

   AC voltmeter: measurement range 0 ~ 450V, AC ammeter: measurement range 0~5A

   Power factor meter: AC 380V, Three-phase four-wire watt hour meter: 0~5A

   Single-phase watt hour meter : 0~5A

● Capacity: < 1.5KVA




● The front cabinet of the equipment is equipped with variety of instruments,including three phase power display area, power supply operating area,button switch operation area. Back cabinet of the equipment is equipped with power outlet area, button switch outlet terminals,it is convenient to contact with the control part.

● There are four experiment boards inside the cabinet,they can be installed separately.It is easy to operate and replace,and we can extend new function or develop new training;it meets  requirements of electrical maintenance installation,debugging,trouble analysis and trouble shooting.

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