DOLANG DLWD-ETBE12D-I Electrical Maintenance Skill Training Assessment System

Training content:

1.Control of headlamp

2.Control of single switch

3.Double switch control

4. Delayed switch and dimming switch control

5. Multi switch control

6. Inching corotation control circuit

7.Contactor self-locking corotation control circui

8. Contactor self-locking corotation control circuit with overload protection

9.Inching and continuous mixed corotation control circuit

10.The counter-rotating control circuit of Contactor interlocking

11. The counter-rotating control circuit of button interlocking

12. The counter-rotating control circuit of button and contactor double interlocking

13. The position control circuit (stroke control or limit control circuit)

14.Sequence control circuit

15. Multi control circuit

16. Stator winding series resistance reduced voltage starting control circuit.

17. Rotor winding series three-phase rheostat starting control circuit

18. Inversed grafting control circuit (one way and both way)

19. Manual control -△reduced voltage staring control circuit

20. Button, contactor, Intermediate relay compensator reduced voltage starting control circuit

21. Timing relay auto-control compensator reduced voltage starting circuit

22. Lathe electrical control circuit (Modle:CA6140)

23. Radial drilling machine electrical control circuit(model:Z37,Z3050)

24. Grinding machine electrical control circuit (M7130)

25. Universe milling machine electrical control circuit(X6132)

26. Horizontal boring machine electrical control circuit(T68,T610)

27. Overhead travelling crane electrical control circuit(15/3MT)

28. Acknowledge and operation of PLC

29. Acknowledge and operation of Programming cable

30. Study of PLC software

31. Boolean instruction training

32. Timing instruction training

33. Count instruction training

34. Assignment instruction training

35. Data shift instruction training

36. Arithmetic operation instruction training

37. Logical order training

38. step instruction training

39.PLC on line monitoring experiments

40.PLC RAM eliminate experiment

41.Assemble of parallel silicon stabilivolt stable circuit

42.Assemble of series transistor stable circuit

43. Knowledge game responder



DLWD-ETBE12D-I electrical maintenance skill training assessment system is imported Germany dual system educational mode to fit request of vocational education and practical operation training. Introduction advanced vocational training equipments and produced according to DIN standard didactic equipment. 

“DLWD-ETBE electrical maintenance skill training assessment system” handling safety, normative, flexible, fastness, durable, beautiful appearance. The surface is composed of Netherlands painting and patch board, power box, table and cabinet.

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