DOLANG DLWD-ZD1200/6 Low and Middle Voltage Simulation Training System


●The system uses special mold profile,it adopts layer structure,operation part is under the workbench and measurement part is on the workbench, which is easy to operate. Modular structure, can adjust or replace the experiment module;

●The training system consists major control power supply module,power supply module,device adapter module,electrical instrumentation module and ground protection module.The major control power supply module provides two-way adjustable three-phase five-wire AC 0-450V power; power module provides AC 220V single-phase AC power supply,AC 0-220V adjustable AC power supply,DC 220V DC power supply,DC 0-220V adjustable DC power supply; device adapter module provides three-phase five-limb voltage transformer and eliminating-arc loop and voltage display; electrical instrumentation can provide the measurement of DC voltage and current,AC voltage,current,power,power factor,frequency measurement,ground protection module is mainly used to make ground protection test. 

Technical Parameter

● Total dimension: 1850×800×1580mm

● Capacity: < 1.5KVA

● Input power: three-phase, five-wire 380V±10%    50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: AC 220V adjustable power safety terminal output, DC 220V adjustable power safety isolation output, DC220V safety terminal output



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