DUCOM HFRR-4.2 高频燃料粘度计 (20µm~2mm; 10N)

Frequency: 10 to 200Hz

Stroke length: 20µm to 2.0mm

Normal load: 0 to 1.0kg (dead weights)

Friction force (max): 10.0N

Temperature: Ambient to 150°C (high temperature module)

Fluid volume: 2 ml

Upper specimen (ball): 6mm in diameter

Bottom specimen (disk): 10mm in diameter x 3 mm thick

Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Test standards: ASTM D6079, ASTM D7688, ISO 12156-1, GOST R ISO 12156-1-2006, JPI-5S-50-98, BS EN 590, IP 450/2000, CEC F-06-A-96, SH/T 0765



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