GESTER GT-A02B 织物耐拉力试验机

Working Patton: Computer control, digital display test data and test, print test results 

Testing range: 0~1000CN, 0~3000CN, 0~5000CN 

Measuring accuracy: ≤+0.2%F.S 

Elongation range and accuracy: 400±1mm

Length of sampling: 100mm, 250mm, 500mm

Pr-tension: 0~150CN (Adjustable) 

Clamp holder: Self-tightening

Tensile speed: Constant speed: 100mm/min, 250mm/min,500mm/min, Adjustable: 50- 1000mm/min

Dimensions: 370X530X930mm (LXWXH)

Weight: 60kg 

Power supply: Ac 220V 50HZ  

Applicable range: Test of yarn breaking strength, rupture elongation and elongation at break



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