GESTER GT-RA7890 环氧乙烷氯甲代氧丙环探索仪 (5~420°C)

Various injectors are available: Packed column injector, split/split capillary injector

Column oven: 

Temperature range: Room temperature+5~420℃; 

Temperature setting: 1℃, The program sets the heating rate to 0.1 degree; 

Maximum heating rate: 40℃/ min

Temperature stability: When the ambient temperature changes1℃, 0.01℃.

Temperature Programming: Order program temperature can be adjusted

Detector index Flame ionization detector (FID): 

Manipulation of the temperature: 400℃; 

LOD: ≤5×10-12g/s (Hexadecane); 

Drifting: ≤5×10-13A/30min;

Noise: ≤2×10-13A; 

Dynamic linear range: ≥107

Dimension: 465*460*550mm

Mainframe weight: 40kg

Input power: AC220V 50HZ; Max Power: 2500w



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