GOTT GOTT-NST-1 Network Security Trainer


• General Security Concept 

• Data Encryption Method 

• Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology 


• Network Security Policy and Concept. 

• Element of Computer Network Security for the domain concept. 

• Network Security Protocol and application 

• Data Encryption, concepts, types, algorithm 

• Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Security 

• Web Security Concept 

• Wireless LAN security components 

• VPN Configuration, Protocols. 

• Risk Study and evaluation 

• Recognizing viruses, trojans, worms 

• Firewalls and methods of utilization (both software and hardware) 

• WPA and WI-Fi security 

• Characteristic of Hacker attack and worm Method 

• Firewall method in the computer system stand alone and networking 

• Web Filter system in the computer networking 

• Intrusion and detection system 

• VPN configuration on Windows Server 

• Security protocols and their purpose and function 

• The authentication protocols 


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Theory Manual 

(3) Experiment Manual




This GOTT Network Security trainer consist of mostly a variety of software that can be used on LAN and WAN systems for Security Protection, reference's text books and exercise manuals. The books and manuals will instruct students in the basic theory of network security, network threats, firewalls, Hacker attack, Worm Methods, Web Security and more special-purpose secure networking method. Students will be able to set up systems starting from the most basic network security, Encryption, Web Security and security for Wi-Fi technology. Note this trainer is an add on module that will work together with the GOTT LAN Technology trainer and the GOIT WAN technology trainer. 

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