GOTT GOTT-PLCP-55 PLC & Pneumatic Control Trainer

  • 制造商: GOTT
    Model: GOTT-PLCP-55
    P/N: 656-000
    来源: Malaysia
    保障: 12 month
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• Air service unit 

• Speed control pneumatic single-tuned cylinder with sticking type 

• Speed control pneumatic double-tuned cylinder with sticking type 

• 3/2-Way single-tuned solenoid valve (NO) 

• 5/2-Way single-side solenoid valve


Controller: Micro PLC, 1 ea 

Input: 24V DC Input, 12 ea 

Output: Relay Contact Output, 8 ea 

Cable: Program download cable, 1 ea 

Power Supply: 24V DC 2.1A (short circuit protection), 1 ea 

Input Terminals: 4mm Ø Banana Jack, 12 ea 

Output Terminals: 4mm Ø Banana Jack, 8 ea 

Input Switches: Toggle Switch, 12 ea 

Simulation Indicators: LED, 20 ea 

Alarm: Buzzer (with ON/OFF Switch), 1 ea 

Control Switches: Push Button, 3 ea 

Solenoid Valve: 24VDC, 6 ea 

Cylinder: 3 ea 

Reed Switch: Reed Switch, 6 ea


• Start Push Button & Cylinder 

• Push Button & Extend &Retract of Cylinder 

• Push Button and Buzzer 

• Pneumatic Control Trainer


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




GOTT-PLC & Pneumatic Control Trainer is a complete training system, introducing the student to the operation, programming and troubleshooting of modern industrial programmable logic controllers with Basic Pneumatic Control. A complete curriculum is provided incorporating many learning activities related to basic sequence, circuit flow, ladder logic programming and trouble shooting. Many activities reflect realistic industrial applications. This product, together with its associated student manual and programming manual, creates a complete introductory course in PLCs for industrial training applications as well as in the educational learning.


• Total system control and monitoring for application flexibility 

• Easy and continual serviceability with centralized control of applicator parameters 

• Safety and easy troubleshooting 

• System interlock status easy to observe to assist the user in making necessary adjustment

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