HIOKI PW3390-01 功率分析设备

main function

• Basic error ± 0.04% is the smallest value compared to similar products currently on the market

• 200 kHz measuring range with flat amplitude and phase accuracy extending to high frequencies

• With its extremely compact design, it fits even in the tightest of spaces

• Near absolute accuracy, calculation capability, 50 ms high-speed forwarding power data update, harmonic analysis (50th order), instantaneous waveform display, electrical noise analysis voltage, and simultaneously calculate all metrics, including dissipation efficiency

• Send measured values ​​to Send measured values ​​to HIOKI data loggers with built-in Bluetooth® wireless data transmission

• Simultaneous measurement of various circuits and synchronous data acquisition of up to 8 devices (for 32 channels)

• Easy power measurement using current-sensing clamps

• Measures power and current input and output parameters as part of the WLTP global standard for fuel efficiency

The scale:

Voltage scale: 15 to 1500 V, 7 scale

Current scale: 0.1 A to 20 kA (depends on current sensor)

Frequency Range: 0.5 Hz to 5 kHz

Power measurement range: 0.0150 W to 39,600 MW (depending on the combination of test lead, voltage range, current range)

Power supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 140 VA max.

Dimensions 340 mm (13.39 in) long × 170 mm (6.69 in) high × 156 mm (6.14 in) wide, 4.6 kg (162.3 oz)

Accessories: 1 user manual, power cord × 1, measuring guide × 1, USB cable × 1

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