Hoyamo HMV-8820 自动/半自动微维氏硬度计 (1HV~3000HV, Semi Automatic)

Type/software: Semi Automatic

Hardness Scale: HV

Hardness Conversion: HV, HR, HRC, HB, HK

Loading Force: 

N: 0.098、0.246、0.49、0.98、1.96、2.94、4.90、9.80

gf: 10、25、50、100、200、300、500、1000

Indentation Measurement: Analogue Eyepiece with Mechanic Micrometer (To measure the indention by AutoVicker Testing Software system)

Loading Control: Automatic (Loading, Dwell, Unloading)

Magnification of Microscope: Observation:10x/40x; Measurement:10x/40x

Magnification on of Eyepiece: 10x Analogue Eyepiece

Dwell Time: Adjustable 5~60s

Testing Range: 1HV~3000HV

Analogue X-Y Anvil: Size:100x100mm; Travel:25 x25mm; Resolution: 0.25um

Optical Channel: Two-Channel: Eyepiece/camera switchable

Illumination: Adjustable Halogen light-source

Max. Height of Specimen: 90mm

Instrument Throat: 120mm

Operating Temperature: 23±5℃

Operating Humidity: <65%

Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz; AC110V/60Hz

Dimension (LxWxH): 530×290×490mm

Gross/Net Weight: 50Kg/40Kg

Software: HDS8820

Standard Delivery:

  • MicroVickers Intender

  • X-Y Working Stage

  • Hardness Block (700~800) HV1

  • Flat Precision Clamp

  • Hardness Block (400~500) HV0.2

  • Digital Micrometer Head

  • Camera Adapter

  • 10x Analogue Eyepiece

  • 10x Objective

  • 40x Objective

  • Thin-Piece Clamp

  • Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate/ Operation Manual / Packing List

  • Unequal Specimen Clamp

  • USB CMOS Camera

  • Dust Cover

  • Toolbox

  • Power Cord

  • Filament Clamp

  • Flat Precision Clamp

  • Dell PC System

  • Vickers Measuring Software



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