Hoyamo HTHC-416 振动、温湿度试验箱 (70x85x70cm)

Inner dimension (W xH x D)cm: 70x85x70

Outer dimension (W xH x D)cm: The external dimensions and the dimensions of the vibrating table are customized according to actual needs

Temperature range: Low temperature: -70℃, -40℃, -20℃, 0℃, normal temperature; high temperature: ﹢100℃, +150℃)

Scope: 20%~98%R.H or 10%~98%R.H non-standard custom test conditions

Temperature and humidity stability: ±0.5℃, ±2%

Synchronization of temperature and humidity: ±1℃, ±2%

Temperature error deviation: ≤±2℃,±3%R.H

Setting time: Heat up about 4℃/min

New time: Cooling down about 1℃/min (non-standard customization is possible: rapid temperature change 5℃~25℃/min, linear and non-linear adjustable)

Inner box theme: SUS#304 stainless steel plate

Outer box theme: Cold rolled steel plate powder baking paint

Ingredients: Glass wool, foamed polyurethane

Cooling System: France (Taikang) fully enclosed compressor unit or Germany (Bitzer) semi-enclosed high-efficiency compressor

Cooling method: Air-cooled or water-cooled

Refrigerant: Single-stage one-stage R-404A, cascade two-stage R-23

Heating and humidifying system: Stainless steel finned heating tube heating air method;

Protective device: Stainless steel sheathed electric steam generation method (features: excellent sealing, effectively preventing steam loss)



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