Hoyamo Si200-NS 盐雾试验箱 (1440L, 6kgf/cm2)

Test Conditions: NSS (neutral), ASS (acid), CASS (copper accelerated)

Economy: HL -200-NS

Test Conditions: Only suitable for neutral and acid salt spray test

Interior dimension (W*D*H)mm: 2000*950*600

External dimension (W*D*H)mm: 2700*1350*1600

Working room volume (L): 1440

Salt water tank capacity (L): 120

Laboratory temperature: (NSS ACSS) Test temperature: 35℃±1℃/ (CASS) Test temperature: 50℃±1℃

Saturation barrel temperature: (NSS ACSS) Test temperature: 47℃±1℃/ (CASS) Test temperature: 63℃±1℃

Heating method: Radiant heating

Brine temperature: 35℃±1℃ / 50℃±1℃

Test solution: NSS: purified water + sodium chloride (PH6.5~7.2) / CASS: purified water + sodium chloride + copper chloride (PH3.0~3.2)

Compressed air pressure: 6kgf/cm2

Power supply: AC 220V,1Ф, 50HZ

Shipping configuration:

  • Technical data: operation manual, product certificate, warranty card, etc.

  • Delivery of a pack of wet ball gauze

  • Delivery of 4 bottles of sodium chloride

  • One piece of air supply pipe

  • Distribution of one exhaust pipe joint

  • Delivery of a set of sealing plugs

  • Delivery of a salt water bucket

  • A set of sample racks for delivery

Optional accessories:

  • Control panel: Button type and LCD touch screen operation panel are optional

  • Working mode: steam heating (water boiling type) / anhydrous temperature control (dry burning type) optional

  • Salt water concentration meter

  • Air compressor



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