HV HIPOT GD2571C 双钳多功能接地电阻仪

General specification

Function: Ground resistance, Soil resistivity, DC resistance, Ground voltage, AC current

Ambient temperature and humidity: 23℃±5℃, below 75%rh

Interference voltage: <20V (should be avoided)

Interference current: <2A (should be avoided)

Electrode space when measuring R: a>5d

Electrode space when measuring ρ: a>20h

Power supply: DC 6V 4.5Ah lead-acid battery lasts more than 100 hours standby

Backlight: Controllable backlight, suitable for use in dim places

measurement mode: Precise four-wire, three-wire measurement, simple two-wire measurement, selective method, double clamp method for measuring grounding resistance

Measurement methods: 

- 2, 3, 4-wire method measurement:  change-pole method, measuring current 20mA Max

- Soil resistivity:  four-pole method

- Selective method measurement:  change-pole method, measuring current 20mA Max

- Double clamp method:  non-contact mutual inductance measurement method, test current 1mA Max

- DC resistance:  change-pole method

- AC current:  average rectification (clamp)

- Ground Voltage:  Average Rectification(between S-ES interface)

Test voltage waveform: Sine wave

Test frequency: 128Hz

Short circuit test current: AC 20mA max

Open circuit test voltage: AC 28V max

Electrode space range: 1m~100m

Display mode: 4-bit large LCD display, with backlight

Measurement instructions: LED flashing indicator during measurement

LCD size: 111mm×68mm

LCD display field: 108mm×65mm

Instrument size: L*W*H:  277.2mm×227.5mm×153mm

Clamp size: L*W*H:  101mm×27mm×214mm

Test lead: 4 strips:  red 15m, black 15m, yellow 10m, green 10m

Simple test lead: 2 strips:  yellow 1.5m, green 1.5m

Auxiliary grounding rod: 4PCS:  φ10mm×200mm

Current clamp: 2PCS:  φ4 mm Banana plug

Current clamp diameter: φ50mm

Current clamp lead: Length 2m

Measure time: 

- AC current:  about 2 times/sec;

- Ground voltage:  about 2 times/sec;

- grounding resistance, soil resistivity:  about 7 seconds/time

Line voltage: Measurement below AC100V (ground voltage measurement function cannot be used to measure commercial power)

USB interface: With USB interface, storage data can be uploaded to the computer, save and print

Communication Line: One USB communication line, 1.5m long

Data hold: "HOLD" Symbol indicates

Data storage: 500 groups, "MEM" storage indicates, flashing "FULL" symbol indicates that the memory is full

Data review: Data review function:  "MR" symbol display

Overflow display: Over-range overflow function:  "OL" symbol display

Current clamp low current indication: When measuring by the selective method or the double-clamp method, when the current signal received by the current clamp A is lower than 0.5 mA, the symbol is displayed, and at this time, the clamping direction of the current clamp A should be checked.

Interference test: Automatic identification of interference signals, "NOISE" symbol indication when the interference voltage is higher than 5V

Auxiliary grounding test: With auxiliary ground resistance test function, 0.00KΩ ~ 30kΩ (Rh max = 3kΩ +100R <50kΩ; Rs max = 3kΩ +100R <50kΩ)

Alarm function: Alarm when the measured value exceeds the alarm setting value

Battery voltage: Real-time display of battery power, reminding timely charging when battery voltage is low

Automatic Shutdown: “APO” Indicates, automatic shutdown after 15 minutes

Power consumption: 

- Standby:  40mA Max(Backlight off)

- Turn on backlight:  43mA Max

- Measuring:  120mA Max(Backlight off)


- Instrument:  2450g(including battery)

- Current clamp:  940g(2PCS)

- Test leads:  1300g(including simple test lead)

- Auxiliary grounding rod:  850g(4PCS)

Working temperature and humidity: -10℃~40℃; below 80%rh

Storage temperature and humidity: -20℃~60℃; below 70%rh

Overload protection: Grounding resistance measurement:  AC 280V/3 seconds between H-E and S-ES ports

Insulation resistance: More than 20MΩ(500V between circuit and housing)

Withstand voltage: AC 3700V/rms(between circuit and housing)

Electromagnetic properties: IEC61326(EMC)

Suitable for safety regulations:

-IEC61010-1(CAT Ⅲ 300V, CAT IV 150V, pollution level 2);

- IEC61010-031;

- IEC61557-1(grounding resistance);

- IEC61557-5(soil resistivity);

- JJG 366-2004;

- JJG 366-2004(ground resistance meter);

- JJG 1054-2009(Clamp grounding resistance meter);


Instrument x1PC

Instrument bag x1PC

Auxiliary grounding rod x4PCS

Current clamp x2PCS

Monitoring software CD x1PC

USB communication cable x1PC

Test lead x4PCS

Simple test lead x2PCS

6V Battery (built-in) x1PC

Charger x1PC

Manual, certificate x1SET



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