HV HIPOT GDCR1000D Non-contact Phase Sequence Tester (ø10mm~ø40mm)

Test wire outer diameter:

GDCR1000C: ø1.6mm~ø16mm

GDCR1000D: ø10mm~ø40mm



Function: Phase check(positive phase, reverse phase, missing phase), live line check, break-point location , line maintenance

Power supply: DC 3 V 2 section alkaline dry cell (LR 6), continuous use time of about 70 hours

Live range: AC 70~1000 V, 45~65 Hz (sine wave continuous input)

Test wire size: Outer diameter ø1.6 mm~ø16 mm or ø10 mm~ø40 mm(optional)

LED display: 

[positive phase] 4 phase detection lights turn on clockwise in turn;

[reverse phase] 4 phase detection lights turn on clockwise sequentially.

[live line] L1, L2 and L3 lights turn on within the range of voltage setting;

[missing phase] L1 or L2 or L3 lights are not on.

[open circuit] The L1 or L2 or L3 lights are not on.


[positive phase] instrument emits intermittent short buzz;

[reverse phase] The instrument emits continuous long sounds.

Battery Indication: POWER indicator lights up after power on; LOW BATTERY lights up when power is insufficient

Magnetism: There are four magnets attached to the back of the instrument, which are attached to the distribution box and can withstand 800 g quality.

Shut off: After about 5 minutes, the instrument shuts down automatically.

Dimension: L 70 mm* H 75 mm* W 30 mm

Clamp wire length: 0.6 m

Weight: About 200 g (include battery)

Working condition: -10℃~55℃;<80%rh

Storage condition: -20℃~60℃;<90% rh

Measurement max. voltage: AC 1000 V

Dielectric strength: 5.4 kVrms

Max. rated power: 300 mVA

Standards: EN 61010-1:2001, EN 61010-031:2002, pollution class 2, CAT Ⅲ (600 V), transient over-voltage 6000 V



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