HV HIPOT GDCR3000B 数字土地电子测试仪 (0.00Ω~30.00kΩ; 0.00Ωm~9000kΩm)

Functions: 2-pole/3-pole/4-pole Earth resistance measurement,soil resistivity, earth voltage, AC voltage measurement.

Power Supply: DC 9V (Zn-Mn dry battery R14S 1.5V 6 pieces, Continuous standby time 300hrs)


- Earth Resistance: 0.00Ω~30.00kΩ

- Soil Resistivity: 0.00Ωm~9000kΩm

Measurement type: 4-pole, 3-pole, 2-pole earth resistance measurement.

Methods of Measurement: 

- Earth resistance: Rated current pole changing method.

-  Soil Resistivity: 4 poles method.

- Earth voltage: Average rectifier(P(S)-ES port)

Test Frequency: 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz(AFC)

Short Circuit Test Current: AC 20mA max

Open Circuit Test Voltage: AC 40V max

Test Voltage Waveform: Sine Wave

Range of Electrodes Distance: Can be set 1m-100m

Level Switch: 

- Earth Resistance: 0.00Ω-30.00kΩ Auto switching.

- Soil Resistivity: 0.00Ωm-9000kΩm Auto switching.

Backlight: Blue-screen backlight

Display Model: 4 digital LCD display, Blue-screen backlight

Indicator Light: LED indicator flash during test, LCD count down display

LCD Dimension: 128mm*75mm

LCD Display: 124mm*67mm

Dimension: 215mm*190mm*95mm

Standard Test Leads: Total 4 leads: 1* Red 20m, 1* Black 20m, 1* Yellow 10m, 1*Green 10m

Simple Test Leads: 2 leads: 1* Red 1.6m,1*Black 1.6m

Auxiliary Ground Electrodes: 4 pieces: φ10mm×150mm

Measurement Time:

- To the ground voltage: about 3 times/sec

- Earth resistance, soil resistivity: about 5 seconds/time

Measurement Times: More than 5000 times (short circuit test, test 1times, stop 20 seconds then to test)

Circuit Voltage: To test below AC 600V

RS232: RS232 interface, memorized data can be uploaded to PC to save and print.

Communication Lead: RS232, 1.5m * 1 piece

Data Storage: 300 group, “MEM”storage indicate, “FULL”icon to indicate storage is full

Data Hold: Data hold function: “HOLD” icon display

Data Read: Data read function: “READ” icon display

Overflow Display: Exceeding measuring range overflow function: “OL” icon display

Interference Test: Identify interference signal automatically, when interference voltage exceeds 5V, there is “NOISE” alarm hint

Auxiliary ground test: 0.00KΩ-30kΩ(100R+rC<50kΩ, 100R+rP<50kΩ)

Alarm Function: When measuring value exceeds alarm setting value, there is sound alarm

Battery Voltage: When battery voltage decreases to about 7.5V, battery voltage low icon“   ”will display, reminding to charge

Power Consumption: 

- Standby: about 20mA(Backlight shut off)

 - Backlight: about 45mA(Backlight shut off 25mA)

 - Measurement: about 100mA (Backlight shut off)


- Total weight with bag: 4.5kg

 - Tester: 1443kg(including battery)

 - Testing Wires: 1560g

- Auxiliary earthing rod: 935g (4 PCS)

Working Temperature & Humidity: -10℃-40℃, below 80%rh

Storage temperature & humidity: -20℃-60℃, below 70%rh

Overload Protection: Measuring earth ground resistance: between each interfaces of C(H)-E,P(S)-ES, AC 280V/3 seconds

Insulation Resistance: Over 20MΩ(between circuit and enclosure it is 500V)

Withstanding Voltage: AC 3700V/rms (Between circuit and enclosure)

Electromagnetic Features: IEC61326(EMC)

Protection Type: 

- IEC61010-1(CAT Ⅲ 300V,CAT IV 150V,pollution degree 2);

- IEC61010-031;IEC61557-1(Earth Resistance);

- IEC61557-5(Soil Resistivity);JJG 366-2004



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