HV HIPOT GDCR4000A Digital Double-clamp Phase Volt-ampere Meter (AC 600V; 20.0A)

Power supply: DC9V Alkaline dry battery LR6(1.5V AA size 6pcs)

Measurement range

(fully automatic):

- Voltage: AC 0.00V~600V

- Current: AC 0.0mA~20.0A

- Phase: 0.0°~360.0°

- Frequency: 45.00Hz~65.00Hz

- Active power: 0.0W~12kW

- Reactive power: 0.0var~12kvar

- Apparent power: 0.0VA~12kVA

- Power factor: -1~+1

Clamp opening: 

- Sharp mouth: Φ8mm

- Round mouth: 35*40mm


- Voltage: AC 0.01V

- Current: AC 0.1mA

- Phase: 0.1°

- Frequency: 0.01Hz

- Active power: 0.1W

- Reactive power: 0.1var

- Apparent power: 0.1VA

- Power factor: 0.001

Data storage: 1500 groups

Communication: USB port. Data is uploaded to PC via USB port for data analysis and management.

Working current:

- The Max. power consumption is 135mA when the backlight is turned on, and the battery works continuously for about 6 hours.

- Turn off the backlight and power consumption is 90mA. The battery works continuously for about 9 hours

Display: 2.8-inch TFT LCD color screen, display area 58*44mm

Size: 196*92*54mm

Detection rate: About 2s/times

Data hold: Press “HOLD” button during test and “HD” symbol appears.

Auto-shut-down: After start-up for about 15 minutes, the meter automatically shuts down to reduce battery consumption.


- Available. Applicable in the darkness and at night.

- Backlight is turned off automatically after five minutes of no operation.

Voltage detection: When the battery voltage is lower than 7.2V, symbol is displayed to remind the replacement of the battery.


- Main unit: 550g (with battery)

- Sharp-mouth current clamp: 170g×2

- Round-mouth current clamp: 185g×2

- Test lead: 250g

Test lead: 1.5m

Test lead of current clamp: 2m×φ5mm

Working condition: -10℃~40℃; <80%RH

Storage condition: -10℃~60℃; <70%RH

Input impedance: Input impedance of test voltage: 1MΩ

Withstand voltage: Withstand voltage AC 1000V/50Hz (sine wave) between instrument line and shell for 1 minute.

Insulation: Insulation between instrument line and shell ≥100MΩ

Structure: Double insulation, with shock-proof insulation sheath.

Standard compliance: IEC61010-1 CAT III 600V, IEC61010-031, IEC61326, pollution degree 2



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