HV HIPOT GDJB-6000D 智能变电站继电保护测试仪

IEC 61850 communication port

Function: Any configuration of IEC 61850 9-1/9-2 SMV transmission, receiving or GOOSE transmission and reception

Interface type: LC optical port

Quantity: 8 pairs, 6 pairs*100M adaptive, 2 pairs *100/1000M adaptive

Wave length: 1310nm

IEC 60044 communication port

Function: GB/T 20840.8 , DL/T 282, Q/GDW441 message received and send

Interface type: ST

Quantity: 6*sending interface , 2* receiving interface


Range: 0~360°

Accuracy: ±0.1°

Resolution: 0.1°


Range: 0~1000Hz

Accuracy: <±0.001Hz(0~65Hz)



Resolution: 0.001Hz


Range: 10ms ~9999.999s

Resolution: 1ms

Binary contact input

Quantity: 8 pairs, Can be connected to idle contact and with potential contact (0~250V)

Binary contact output

Quantity: 6 pairs,  2 pairs are fast output   

Breaking capacity: DC250V /0.5A

Response time: <100us


Interface type: GPS/BD ANT; IRIG-B/PPS optical signal; IRIG-B/PPS electric signal; IEEE 1588



2*IRIG-B/PPS optical signal : 1* time synchronization, 1* time giving;

2 pairs*IRIG-B/PPS electric signal :1 pair *time synchronization, 1 pair * time giving;

1 pair* IEEE 1588

Wireless connection

Interface type: WIFI

Wired connection

Interface type: 100M Lan port , RJ45

Quantity: 2 pieces

Analog small signal input

Interface type: Aviation plug, AC voltage

Quantity: 12 channel

Analog small signal output

Interface type: Aviation plug, AC voltage

Quantity: 12 channels 

Power supply

Voltage: AC/DC 220V , Allowable deviation: -20%~15%

Frequency: 47~65Hz

USB interface

Quantity: 2 pieces

Working environment

Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

Humidity: ≤95%, non-condensation


Weight: 5.5 kg

Dimension: 146*390*212mm(L*W*H)

Online interface: RJ45

Display: 10.4 inch true color LCD touch screen



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