HV HIPOT GDSL-A-5000 智能电流发生器 (0~12V; AC0~5000A)

Max. Output current: AC Single-phase 5000A*3 groups

Circuit mode: Electric voltage regulator with special craft

Duty cycle: 8 hours

AC Input

Phase line: 3P

Voltage: 208V±10%, 60Hz±2% 3Φ4W

Input current: 288A 


Phase line: 3Φ4W

Voltage: 0~12V Auto switching


- AC0~5000A continuous adjustable, stepless speed regulation;

- 3-phase can output at one time, can output single-phase, also can split phase output;

- Tow kinds of output-manual mode and auto mode;

Rated capacity: 180kVA

Stabilized current accuracy: Output current≤±0.5%

Output terminal: Wiring terminal

Protection: The electronic circuit rapidly detects over voltage, over current, over temperature, phase loss, etc., automatic tripping protection and alarm device, the voltage and the current is zero in non-test status.


Source effect: ≤0.3% of rated value

Time drift: ≤1% of rated value

Temp. drift: ≤0.04% of rated value/°C

Load effect: ≤1% of rated value (Output voltage change rate due to the output current change from zero to the rated value.)

Ripple voltage: ≤1% of rated value+10mV


Line regulation: 0.1%

Load regulation: 0.1%

Display and settings

Voltage meter display: True color LCD and digital display instrument (display accuracy: 0.1V display error: ≤1.0%±3 digit)

Current meter display: True color LCD and digital display instrument (5 digits display, display accuracy: 0.1A display error: ≤1.0%±3 digit)

Adjustment setting: Current (High precision potentiometer adjustment)


Efficiency: ≥90%

Resistance: Withstand voltage insulation resistance AC1800V 1min, 20MW

Cooling device: Forced fan cooling

Noise: <60dB (1mm in front of the device)

CT accuracy: 0.2%

Protection level: IP20

Working environment

Working mode: Long time temperature rise test

Temperature: -10°C~50°C

Humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing)

Altitude: <1500m


Structure: Integration

Dimension: Customized

Weight: Approx. 2.5T

Temperature inspection: 26-way module 

A class thermocouple: PT100 with 6m line * 26pcs



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