HV HIPOT GDYZ-301A Zinc Oxide Surge Arrester Tester (0-300V; ≥150kΩ)

Use condition: -20℃- 50℃;  RH<80%

Charging power supply: AC 220V±10%

Input range of PT reference voltage: 0-300V

Input resistance of voltage channel: ≥150kΩ(with fuse)

Measuring accuracy of PT reference voltage: ±(2% of the reading+0.5V)

Measuring range of current input: 0-10mA

Measurement accuracy of current fundamental: ±(2% of the reading+5μA)

Measurement accuracy of current harmonic: ±(5% of the reading+10μA)

Input resistance of current channel: ≤1Ω

Measurement range of electric field strength: 30kV/m ~ 300kV/m

Accuracy of electric field strength: ±10% of the reading

Action times of monitor: 0~99 times

8/20μS impulse current: ≥50Ap

Calibration range of current meter: 0-10mA

Calibration accuracy of current meter: ±(2% of the reading+5μA)

Measurement resolution: 

- Voltage: 0.001 V

- Current: 0.001 mA

- Angle: 0.001°

Battery working time: Main unit 8 hours, voltage sampling box 12 hours

Wireless transmission distance: 1000 meters and above(empty and Unobstructed)

Dimension of main unit: 320*270*140 mm

Hand-held collection probe: 180*120*80 mm

Weight of main unit: 4 kg (without accessories)



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