Jinuosh H-NC300 紫外线老化试验箱 (RT~70℃)

Inner box size: D400×W1140×H390(mm)

Outer box size: D500×1300×H1360(mm)

Ability: adjustable light, condensation and spray test cycle

Temperature range: RT+10℃-->+70℃

Control accuracy: ±0.5℃ Timing: 1s~9999h

Wavelength range: UVA range is 315-400nm; UVB range is 280-315nm

Lamp source: 8 imported UV tubes UVA-340/UVB-313

Standard test piece: 75×290mm (24 pairs)

Specimen frame: aluminum alloy frame type base frame sight board

Distance from lamp source to test piece: 50±3mm

Inner box material: SUS404# stainless steel.

Power supply: 220V power 4.5KW



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