Jinuosh H-VTE252 冷热冲击箱(两室/气体型) (-60~150°C, 252L)

Inner volume (L): 252L

Inner box size WxHxD(cm): 70x60x60

Outer box size WxHxD(cm): 170x195x165

Temperature range of test area: low temperature area A: -40°C; B: -50°C; D: -60°C high temperature area: +60°C~+150°C

Temperature uniformity in test area: ±1℃

Temperature rise rate in high temperature storage zone: RT →+150℃, about 35min

Cool storage and temperature drop rate in low temperature zone: RT →-60℃, about 80min

Temperature recovery time: ≤5min (impact exposure time ≥min time)

Refrigeration method: dual-stage refrigeration

Cooling method: air-cooled OR water-cooled

Refrigeration compressor: French Taikang hermetic compressor or German Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor

Inner box material: SUS304 stainless steel

Outer box material: steel plate electrostatic spray

Controller: LCD touch screen

Protection device: leakage circuit breaker, under-phase, reverse phase protection, overheating, overload protection, etc.

Power supply: AC 380V



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