Jinuosh L-5600-II 按钮耐久性试验机 (50~200G, 30-120times/min)

Specifications: single station (multi-station can be customized)

Speed test range: 30-120 times/min. Speed can be adjusted;

The maximum bearing capacity of the test bench is 10KG;

Test head load: 50G, 100G, 200G

The up and down stroke of the receiving table is 120mm;

The actual size of the test bench: 120 x 200mm

Impact movement mode: Driven by motor cam, linear bearing movement up and down, precise positioning and frameless movement;

Counter range: 0-999999 times;

Voltage: 220VAC

Size of bearing table: 120x190mm

The highest product height can be placed: 80mm

The highest stroke of the test head: 20mm



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