Jinuosh L-GD001 蓄电池模拟高空低压试验机

Internal dimensions: 300×300mm×300(W×H×D);

External dimensions: subject to the actual product;

The structure is upper and lower type, upper product room, lower electric control panel, built-in vacuum pump,

The control is located under the machine,

The door has a glass window 100*100mm

The inner material is: 304# stainless steel sand board

The outer material is cold plate, 1.5mm thick powder paint treatment

The sealing material is high temperature resistant silica gel;

Two sides of the box are transparent, and the other sides have good thermal conductivity. One side can be opened and closed and locked. It can be placed in a thermostat. 

The size of the box: 300*300*300mm.

The thermostat is provided by the customer.

When the pressure in the box rises sharply, it can be set to automatically stop



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