Jinuosh M3020 二维图像测量仪 (300*200*200mm)

Marble table size (mm): 450*320

Glass table size (mm): 330*330

Movement stroke (mm): X:300mm  Y:200mm

Focusing stroke (mm) (Z axis): 200mm

Measurement and aiming system:

High resolution camera (CCD)

Continuous zoom objective magnification: 0.7-4.5X 

Working distance: 90mm

Video magnification: 20-230X 

Display resolution: 0.0005mm

Precision Image 2D Measurement Software

Indication error: X.Y ≤ (3 + L/200) um (L is the measured length unit: mm)

Lighting system: The ring surface light source and the transmission light source are LEDs, and the brightness is adjustable.

Dimensions (mm) (length × width × height): 600*800*1100

Instrument weight (kg): 190kg

Glass table bearing: 20kg

Instrument power: 220V(AC) 50HZ



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