Jinuosh ST 30A 尺寸测试设备 (台式) (28x25mm)

Field of vision: 28mm×25mm

Measurement accuracy: ±2µm

Repeatability: ±1µm

Instrument dimensions: 600×400×750mm

Instrument weight: 25KG

Platform load bearing: 20KG

Image Sensor: 5 million pixel CCD

Lens: one-sided telecentric lens

Maximum workpiece height: 50mm

Lens working distance: 160mm

Lens depth of field: 10mm

Light source system: Parallel backlight

Software: JN-AOS. 2. 0

Computer setup: CPU 13 processor 4G memory

Monitor: 21.5-inch LCD monitor

Signal output: Judging the output PASS FAIL NULL

Working environment: 25°C±2℃ 20% to 80%RH

Measuring speed: ≤5 seconds (within 100 dimensions)

Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power: 80W



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