KESD KH-SA3 Anti Static and Dust Collecting Box (0±35V, 0.05-0.5Mpa)

Air pressure application range: Free setting in the range of 0.05-0.5Mpa

Input voltage: AC220V/50HZ

Electricity-gas Action time: Automatic induction with sensor

lon balance: 0±35V

Working temperature: 0-40℃ (No condensation)

Current consumption: 2600mA

With static eliminator: 2 set

Ion generation mode: High frequency AC type

Working humidity: 30- 70% RH (No condensation or water droplets)

Opening size: 450*179

Working area: 450*258.5*179mm

Weight: 23.5 kg

Overall size: 456*407.5*385 mm



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