KESD KZ-10A 防静电空气喷嘴 (0,05-0,5Mpa,0-40℃,30-70%RH)

Input power supply voltage: 2200V

LED indication:

Destaticizing normal operation indicator light: the green indicator light 

Destaticizing abnormal indicator light: the red indicator light 

Airflow applied: Air (clean air containing no water or oil)

Air pressure application range: 0.05-0.5Mpa

Applied environment temperature: 0-40℃ (no condensation)

Applied environment humidity: 30-70% RH (no water drop condensation)

Ion generating way: High frequency AC corona discharge mode

Ion balance: Automatic ion balance system 0±10V

Ozone concentration: Below 0.03 ppm (distance 200mm)

Tubing connecting calibre: Ø6 windpipe

Filter precision: 0.1μm

Filter efficiency: 99.9%

Size (mm): 104.5×56.5×22

Weight (kg): 0.09kg



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