Kewell EVD-S-300-800-G 双向直流电源 (300kW, 600A)

Rated Power [kW]: 300

Rated Current [A]: 600

Peak Power (60s)[kW]: 400

Peak Current (60s)[A]: 800

Voltage Range [V]: 24-800

Dimensions(W*D*H) [mm]: 1600-1000-2000

Input Requirments

Phase: 3φ3W+PE

Voltage: 380V±10%

Frequency: 50Hz±5Hz

Energy Recovery Characteristics

Energy Recovery Energy recovery is available in the full power range

THD* ≤3%

Power Factor(PF) ≥0.99

Output Characteristics

Voltage Accuracy ±(0.1%·FS+5dgt)

Current Accuracy ±(0.1%·FS+5dgt)

Response Time ≤3ms(10%-90% Sudden loading)

Switch Time ≤6ms(+90%--90% Switching)

Voltage Ripple(rms) ≤0.2%·FS

Load Regulation 0.1%·FS

Protection Over Voltage, Over Temperature, Over Current, Phase Loss, Emergency Stop

Communication and Interfaces

Touch Screen LCD




Other Interfaces External Emergency Stop, Fault Signal, Voltage Compensation

Environment Condition and Safety

Insulation Resistance ≥20MΩ(500Vdc)

Withstand Voltage 3000Vdc(60s,No Flashover, No Breakdown Phenomenon)

Ground Resistance ≤0.1Ω

Cooling Air Cooling

Ambient Temperature -10~40°C

Humidity 0-90%RH (25°CNon-condensing)

Altitude ≤2000m



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