KOPPACE KP-MX6R-DIC 金相显微镜 (50X-500X)

Magnification: 50X, 100X, 200X, 500X

Eyepiece:  PL10X22mm

Objective lens:

LMPlan 5X/0.15 BD WD 9mm

LMPlan 10X/0.3  BD DIC WD 9mm

LMPlan 20X/0.45 BD DIC WD 3.4mm

LMPlan FLN 50X/0.55 BD WD 7.5mm

Observation tube: Adjustable 5-35° inclination angle, infinity hinge binocular viewing tube, pitch adjustment 54mm~75mm, unilateral diopter adjustment ±5 diopter

Objective Lens Converter: Inverted Bright and Dark Field Five-Hole Converter With DIC Slot

Focusing mechanism: coarse 33mm, fine 0.001mm

Operating platform: 

6-inch three-layer mechanical mobile platform

Platform size: 450mm×220mm

Reflected illumination movement range: 158mm×158mm

Transmission illumination Movement Range: 100×100mm

Upper lighting system:

Voltage: 100V-240V

Power: 5WLED

Under lighting system: Single High-Power 5W Warm Color LED White Light,Continuous Adjustable Light Intensity

Condenser: Transmissive shake-out achromatic condenser (N.A0.9) with variable aperture stop, center adjustable

Polarizer: polarizer insert plate, 360° rotating analyzer insert plate

Trinocular Interface: 0.5X  C-mount Interface, adjustable Focus

DIC: DIC Differential Interference Film Plate


A pair of Eyepieces PL10X/22mm

0.5X Trinocular Interface *1

Objective lens LMPlan 5X/0.15 BD WD 9mm *1 

Objective lens LMPlan 10X/0.3 BD DIC WD 9mm *1

Objective lens LMPlan 20X/0.45 BD DIC WD3.4mm *1

Objective lens LMPlan FLN 50X/0.55 BD WD7.5mm *1

Microscope Body *1

Light Box Power Cord *1

Analyzer *1

Polarizer *1

6-inch Platform *1

LBD Color Balance Film (White light) *1

        DIC Differential Interference Film Plate *1



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