MATRIX MDM8146 台式数字万用表

Display digits: 22000(4½)

Maximum measurement speed: 7 times / sec

DC voltage: 10uV~1100V ± (0.02%+3)

DC current: 10nA~12A ± (0.1%+3)

AC voltage: 10uV~800V ± (0.2%+20)

AC current: 10nA~12A ± (0.3%+3)

Resistance: 10mΩ~1GΩ ± (0.05%+5)

Capacitance: 1pF~10mF ± (2%+5)

Frequence: 1Hz~20MHz ± (0.05%+3)

Period: 50ns~500ms ±(0.05%+3)

Mathematical functions: MX+B/MAX/MIN/dB/dBm/Rel/Comp Hi/Comp Low/Hold/Statistics

Resistance measurement: Support 2-wire, 4-wire in two ways.

Continuity test: When the resistance is less than 30 ohms, the buzzer sounds.

Diode test: Measurable range: 0~2V

AC+DC measurement: Support.

Trigger mode: Standard: automatic trigger, single trigger; Optional: external trigger.

Duty cycle measurement: 5.0%~95.0%. (the error is within 10 words.)

Square wave output: Frequence: 1Hz~100kHz, amplitude: 3V.(Optional.)

Limit test: Support.

Calibration: Support.

Temperature: Thermocouple: K/N/R/S/T/B/E/J/WRe325/WRe526; RTD: PT100/PT50/Cu100/ Cu50.

Communication Interface: Standard: USB Device; Optional: USB Host, RS232, GPIB, LAN, WIFI, Bluetooth.

Additional functions: Data hold, data record, data readback.



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