METONE 092 气压传感器 (600~1100hPa; 0.1hPa)

Performance Characteristics

Range: 600~1100hPa (17.72~32.48inch/hg)

Elevation: Sea level~10,000ft. (3048m)

Resolution: 0.1hPa

Temp. Operating Range: -40~ 55°C (-40~131°F)

Temp. Compensated Range: -40~55°C (-40~131°F)

Operating RH: 0~100%


  • ±0.35hPa @ 20°C (68°F) 

  • ±1.0 hPa (±0.03inHg) over full range

  • ±0.5hPa over any 200hPa range

Long Term Stability: ±1hPa in 1 year

Electrical Characteristics

Analog Output: 0~1, 0~2, 0~2.5 or 0~5VDC (Analog output automatically adjusts from zero to full scale for range selected.)

Digital Output: RS-232, RS-485 & SDI-12

Digital Protocol: ASCII Terminal Mode RTU for RS-232 and RS-485.

Baud Rates: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, & 19.2K

Power Requirement: 10mA @ 12VDC, Typical

Power Range: 6~16VDC

Physical Characteristics

Weight: 8.8oz. (250g)

Dimensions: 4.72x3.14x2.16in(120x80x55mm)


P/N 1169: Cable Assembly; specify length in feet or meters P/N 191

Mounting: "U"-Bolt adapts to several pipe sizes




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