METONE 094 阳光幅射传感器 (0~2000W/m2; 300~2800nm)

Sensor Type: Thermopile Pyranometer

Wavelength Range: 300~2800nm

Sensing Method: Black paint sensing plate

Sensitivity: 5~15mV/kW/m2

Output Accuracy: Approx. ±3%

Response Time: <16sec (95%)

Zero Offset: <5W/m2 (temp change 5k/h)

Non-linearity: <2% (0~1000W/m2)

Azimuth Error: <30W/m2 (1000W/m2 beam @ 80°)

Tilt Error: <2% (0-90° 1000 W/m2)

Temperature Range: -40~60°C

Field of View: 180°

Measurement Range: 0~2000W/m2

Temperature Dependence: <5% (-10~40°C)

Body Material: Aluminum (PBT cover)

Waterproof: IP67

Cable: 10m shielded cable included, S-VSVC, 0.16in dia. (4mm)

Weight: 7oz (200g) sensor, 1lb 8oz (700g) with 10m Cable

Dimension: 3.2in dia. X 2.3in H. (80mm dia. x 57mm)




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